Who’s our top analyst at RiskHedge?

Who’s our top analyst at RiskHedge?

“251% in 7 months?

That’s solid—

But I can beat that.”

  • Competition.

They say it’s a good thing in business.

As RiskHedge’s executive editor, I see it firsthand every single week.

Stephen McBride, Chris Wood, and Justin Spittler are constantly competing to make their subscribers the most money.

Our virtual company “war room” is lively, to say the least.

The guys are always slinging investment ideas and stock charts back and forth.

And they’re always quick to remind each other when one of their picks is up big…

If you’re a subscriber to one of their premium advisories, you can guess this happens quite a bit.

In short: All 3 of them CRUSHED the markets in 2020.

But… we all wanted to know: Who made their subscribers the most money in 2020?

Who was the ultimate winner?

This is a competition, after all. And there can only be 1 trophy.

So, let’s see how they stack up…

  • Chris Wood, our microcap master, may be the most loved analyst in the business right now…

His microcap picks have been absolutely on fire.

Right now, his Project 5X subscribers are sitting on gains of:

167% in ShockWave Medical (SWAV)… 254% in Atomera (ATOM)… and 248% in Magnite (MGNI):

And get this: Chris just recommended 8 (!!!) free rides in a two-week span.

All eight of those stocks doubled, at a bare minimum, from where he recommended them.

The average gain of all 8 before the free ride? 151%.

If you’ve been following along, you know a “free ride” is a simple strategy our guys often use to lock in profits when one of their recommendations shoots up 100%+.

The idea is you sell enough shares to take your initial investment off the table, and then let the rest “ride” risk free.

It’s the best way to eliminate any risk… while still going after big gains.

And our inbox has been exploding with happy, wealthier subscribers. Take Susan, who recently used her Magnite profits to help a charity:

“I am excited about how I turned a $2,430 investment in MGNI stock (500 shares at $4.86) into a $9,657 (500@$19.31) donation to a nonprofit.

Donating profits is so exciting! Thank you!

And that 251% gain in 7 months I mentioned earlier?

That was Chris, too…

His readers booked that over the summer in Personalis (PSNL):

But in the end, Justin was right.

He did beat it…

  • In 2020, Justin had one of the most impressive runs I’ve ever seen…

Justin, as you may know, is our chief trader.

He finds the world’s best IPOs, and trades them for maximum profits.

One of his huge winners was VTIQ. His readers walked away with a 395% windfall in just 4 months:

They also had a chance at a 406% win in Livongo Health (LVGO)

And are currently sitting on 3 doubles, and 2 other 330%+ winners in Fastly (FSLY) and Cloudflare (NET).

  • Stephen’s also going to be tough to beat…

He had the most consistent portfolio in 2020.

In his flagship Disruption Investor advisory, Stephen focuses on growing his subscribers’ wealth safely. He doesn’t recommend speculative stocks, as Chris and Justin often do.

In fact, in March, when markets were crashing down, Stephen’s portfolio was holding up just fine.

In the middle of the wreckage, one of his picks—Walmart (WMT)—soared to an all-time high!

And as I write, every single stock pick in his current portfolio is a winner.

That’s a perfect 15-for-15.

But Stephen doesn’t just pick stocks that reliably climb higher.

He’s got some big wins on his resume, too.

Like 136% in Albemarle (ALB), which he recently took a free ride on.

105% in ASML (ASML), another free ride.

And 120% in PayPal (PYPL).

  • So… who had the BEST 2020?

Who won the challenge, making the most money for their subscribers?

We’ll have our answer soon.

Our analysts are meticulously checking every buy… every sell… every single pick from 2020 across all of our premium publications.

And they emailed me this morning and said we’ll have our winner by tomorrow.

So be on the lookout for a special email from me with the final results.

As you can see, our guys are enjoying a ton of success.

More important, our subscribers are.

And we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t give you a great opportunity to join them.

That’s why my publisher and I recently got together and came up with what we believe is the perfect way to capitalize on ALL of their explosive recommendations in 2021.

We call it the RiskHedge All Access Pass. It’s valid this week only. And we’re only issuing 400 passes.

I’m running out of time to share all the details today…

But if you’re interested, go here to see what we put together for you.

Chris Reilly
Executive Editor, RiskHedge

P.S. As you know, all investing carries risk. You’re not going to bank 100%+ gains on every pick. Even Stephen, who’s 15 for 15 on his current recommendations, will have an occasional loser.

But the All Access Pass won’t just help you make money when times are good, like we’re seeing today…

It’ll also help protect your wealth when times get tough. Our guys are there to help you every step of the way, just like they did during the worst of the corona crash. So you’ll always know the best moves to make with your hard-earned money.

These All Access Passes aren’t right for everyone. But that’s why we put the details here so you can decide for yourself.