Who we are

We are RiskHedge, an investment research firm founded in 2018 on the idea of prudent optimism.

We believe the future is bright.

We seek prosperity for our members and for ourselves.

We unapologetically believe growth, technology, and capitalism (real capitalism) are forces for good.

By investing in companies that help humanity flourish, we aim to help you flourish financially.

That’s the “optimism” part.

Now the “prudent” part.

Investing is not easy. We will experience recessions, bear markets, pandemics, wars, and other misery. Markets occasionally crash.

It is by hedging against these inevitable setbacks, through smart and proven risk-management methods to protect your wealth, that you can enjoy incredible financial rewards over time.

Our work has been featured in Forbes, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg View, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, and other major media.

The Jolt

Our team is led by researcher/writer/investor Stephen McBride. Over 40,000+ independent-minded investors follow his writings in The Jolt—our thrice-weekly newsletter that keeps you on the right side of major investing trends.

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We hope you enjoy and profit from our work at RiskHedge.