The strange thing I just did on camera…

The strange thing I just did on camera…

** Hot off the heels of our biggest event of the year
** Don’t miss our special encore
** Plus, your hypergrowth questions answered


What an event!

I have to admit, I’ve hosted a lot of investing summits... but I’ve never done anything like THAT before.

If you missed it, thousands of RiskHedge readers tuned in to watch Stephen McBride demonstrate how a new class of American “hypergrowth” stocks are reliably handing out 200%, 300%, and 400% gains... often within weeks or months.

Before the event, Stephen asked me to do something pretty unusual.

He had me write down the ticker of his #1 hypergrowth stock to buy today...

And stick it in an envelope.

Then, after he showed us why this obscure stock is destined to rise 1,000% from its current price...

I ripped open the envelope and showed it to the camera, so everyone in the audience could write down the ticker.

If you missed it, we have great news…

We heard from a lot of busy readers from around the world who couldn’t make the show earlier today.

So we’ve just made a special “second showing” available to all RiskHedge readers here.

Now, as you can imagine, readers are asking a lot of questions about this new class of hypergrowth stocks.

So today, we’ll answer some of the most common ones…

Question 1) What’s the difference between a “hypergrowth” stock and a “disruptor” stock?

As longtime readers know, disruptor stocks can make you a lot of money. They’re core to what we do at RiskHedge… a staple in our portfolios… and we believe true disruptor stocks will continue to beat the market year after year.

Hypergrowth stocks are a completely different beast. Their defining characteristic is the speed at which they rise. Gains that typically take years to play out… are compressed down to a few months or even weeks.

Here’s Stephen:

Disruptors smash and transform old industries.

Hypergrowth stocks create whole new industries.

There’s often nothing for a hypergrowth stock to directly disrupt—because it’s creating a new industry from scratch!

It’s this lack of competition that lets them grow 200%, 300%, or 400%+ in a flash.

Question 2) Do hypergrowth stocks tend to be initial public offerings (IPOs)?

No, this is an important distinction.

Consider Teladoc (TDOC), the company that kickstarted the “telehealth” industry. Its stock has soared 158% this year. Most people don’t realize that TDOC debuted on the stock market back in 2015.

We like how the World Economic Forum puts it (forgive their dense academic language):

Hypergrowth does not belong solely to the new kids on the block…

…the foundations for hypergrowth opportunities are available to businesses of every region and industry as well as to industry disruptors and industry stalwarts.

Not only are young firms finding themselves with massive multibillion-dollar valuations within four to five years of their founding but also firms that are over 100 years old are poised to create staggering revenues with new technologies and business models.

Question 3) What’s causing this opportunity in hypergrowth stocks?

This opportunity has been building up behind the scenes for the past year or so. We’ve just now reached the tipping point.

As we’ve shown over the past couple weeks, there are a few different forces at work today that are merging for the first time ever.

Businesses are growing faster than ever before… New and exciting businesses are being born every day and… trillions of new dollars are being created and shoved into the economy at a record pace.

This has created the “perfect storm” for hypergrowth. It’s why we’re seeing certain hypergrowth stocks shoot up 200%, 300%, even 400% in a matter of months.

Question 4) What are some new hypergrowth industries you guys are targeting right now?

Thanks to today’s breakthrough technologies, dozens of new industries are popping up before our eyes. But that doesn’t mean they all make for great investment opportunities. Stephen and his team are zeroing in on a few big ones right now.

Here’s what he says:

At the top of our list is synthetic biology. This is one of the most exciting new industries I’ve seen in my entire career.

In short, synthetic biology is a brand-new sector where breakthrough technology allows scientists to “program” living things… just like you would a computer!

It’s all about reconfiguring the DNA of an organism to create something entirely new. It’s been used to naturally replicate rubber for tires… create “green chemicals” from agricultural waste… engineer low-cost sugars... even develop COVID treatments.

We also are finding big opportunities in genomics, machine learning, and even outer space!

Question 5) Are hypergrowth stocks difficult to buy?

Not at all. You can buy them in any regular brokerage account or retirement account.

Question 6) Are hypergrowth stocks risky?

Not if you follow a proven, disciplined blueprint.

Hypergrowth stocks can move fast in both directions. They can surge 100%... 200%... or more within a few weeks... then they can give back 25% of their gains in a flash.

That’s why we had special guest and master trader Justin Spittler join us at the Summit. He walked us through a few simple rules to play hypergrowth stocks for maximum profit.

Here’s what he and Stephen suggest:

  • Give hypergrowth trades a “short leash.” If a trade is not working, cut it and move on. There are always more opportunities coming.
  • Use our “free ride” strategy when you’re up 100%+… meaning sell enough shares to pull your original investment out, then let the profits ride.
  • Use predetermined stops and sell if a stock falls below that level.

That’s all for this week.

Remember to catch our special replay of "Hypergrowth America” here. (And have a pen and paper ready to write down Stephen’s #1 “BUY NOW” hypergrowth stock.)

Chris Reilly
Executive Editor, RiskHedge