Knocked unconscious in the Texas sun…

Knocked unconscious in the Texas sun…

Editor’s note: This week, we’re doing something special that’s been more than 10 years in the making.

Welcome to Crisis Week.

As you know, the stock market is down big. The S&P 500 had its worst first half-year since 1970... while the tech-heavy Nasdaq had its worst first half-year ever.

If you’re like most people, looking at your retirement accounts, you feel at least a twinge of fear.

But the smartest investors are sensing opportunity…

Because for the first time in years, many great stocks are available at crisis prices.

We’re going to investigate this idea this week.

And the guy we got to do it is none other than our tech veteran Chris Wood.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Chris pounced on the opportunity to buy some of the all-time greatest stocks before they went on their historic runs.

He recommended Amazon (AMZN) at a split-adjusted $9/share… Google (GOOG) at a split-adjusted $17/share… and Nvidia (NVDA) at a split-adjusted $3/share.

Today, he says we’re seeing a similar opportunity:

“To buy Ferrari assets at Honda Civic prices”...

Problem is, most investors don’t know where to start.

So... every day this week, we’ll share a new essay from Chris to help you turn today’s market imbalance to your favor.

Let’s get started...

Knocked unconscious in the Texas sun…

I woke up… looked around… and realized I was not in my bed.

My body was splayed out on the grass in the Texas sun.

I had been knocked out cold by Lee Jackson, a monstrous NFL-bound linebacker.

I played football in college for the Texas Longhorns. I was a scout team running-back, and I backed up our MVP Ricky Williams, who would become an NFL legend.

The coaches weren’t about to let Ricky take hard hits at practice. That was my job.

Over and over again, I got flattened by guys like Casey Hampton… my 325 lb. teammate who would win the Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I was basically a human tackling dummy.

I never played in a game.

And I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

  • “Chris, get to the point and make us some money…”

I could’ve been a starter at a no-name college. Being a winner was more important to me.

So I went to dominant Texas, got my butt kicked, and won the Cotton Bowl.

I’m telling you this because the stock market is a lot like the college football landscape. There are thousands of colleges. But only a few powerhouses win all the championships. They include Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, and my school, Texas.

The stock market is the same.

There are 2,800 stocks on the NYSE. But only a few are worth owning—the ones that win over and over again on their way to 1,000% or even 10,000% gains.

JPMorgan found that just 10% of stocks generated all the gains for the US stock market since 1980.

These are the Amazons, Apples, and Googles of the world.

  • You want to own these best-of-the-best dominant stocks.

It’s not the only way to get rich in stocks. But it is the highest-odds way, in my experience.

I’ve been fortunate to own and recommend several of these dominators over the years. A decade ago, I led a newsletter called Big Tech. In it, my team and I recommended AMZN at a split-adjusted $9/share… GOOG at a split-adjusted $17/share… and NVDA at a split-adjusted $3/share.

My subscribers and I had a great ride.

  • But then things got out of hand…

Around 2014, investors developed an obsession with big tech stocks. You couldn’t go on the internet without hearing about “FAANG.”

Investors piled in and drove up their stock prices to absurd heights that were far out of whack from what they were really worth.

We closed down the newsletter and focused on tinier stocks, where opportunity was still abundant.

But today, for the first time in 10 years, I’m going back to my roots.

Due to the crisis in certain parts of the market, certain world-dominating stocks are available for prices that make them absolute screaming buys.

In short… you can own dominant stocks today at Crisis Prices.

This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around often. And I want to give you everything you need to take advantage.

  • Welcome to Crisis Week.

If it’s okay with you, I’ll be sending you one email a day about this opportunity.

If you want to be a winner in the stock market, the information I’ll share is absolutely worth your while.

To give you a taste of the opportunity here…

I ran extensive cash-flow calculations on a group of dominant stocks.

10 in particular stood out. 

Without fail, every single one rose the last time it traded at these low valuations.

The smallest gain was 25%.

The biggest was 1,140%.

The average was 205%.

More tomorrow,

Chris Wood
Editor, Project 5X

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