How to double your money from “Oppenheimer”

How to double your money from “Oppenheimer”

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Did you see Oppenheimer on the big screen?

The blockbuster movie raked in over half a billion dollars at the box office.

It profiles the father of atomic weapons, J. Robert Oppenheimer. And it’s now got a new generation of people thinking about “the bomb.”

Mushrooms clouds… radioactive meltdowns… total annihilation. Just mentioning “nuclear” is enough to scare the bejesus out of people.

But this silly fear is masking my #1 “slam dunk” investment opportunity right now.

  • We should carve Oppenheimer’s face into Mount Rushmore.

It’s true... atomic technology was used to make the most destructive weapons in history.

But modern uses of nuclear power are overwhelmingly good.

Do you know where most of our clean energy comes from?

Nuclear power plants.

All my neighbors are getting solar panels. Wind turbines are sprouting up everywhere.

Yet over two-thirds of America’s clean energy comes from its 54 nuclear plants dotted across 28 states. These nuclear reactors generate more electricity than all the solar panels… giant wind turbines… and hydro dams combined!

In fact, nuclear power (green) keeps the lights on for about one in five American homes...

  • Is there a tougher assignment for a PR pro than painting nuclear power as “good?”

Nuclear isn’t dirty or dangerous.

It’s the cleanest energy source in the world.

Dozens of studies, including one by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, found it produces less air pollution than solar, wind, or hydro.

“But Stephen, what about the thick smoke wafting out of those giant concrete cooling towers… Isn’t that spewing deadly radioactive waste into my lungs?”

The "smoke" is, in fact, water vapor. And it’s as harmless as the steam from your shower.

  • What if I told you nuclear is also among the safest energy sources?

Nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima are seared into our brains. As terrible as these incidents were, they were outliers—and they accounted for few deaths.

Data from the United Nations shows nuclear energy results in 99.8% fewer deaths than coal… 99.7% fewer deaths than oil… and 97.6% fewer deaths than gas.

It’s also just as safe as wind and solar.

Three Mile Island was the only nuclear accident in US history. Nobody was harmed.

The US Navy has operated 100 nuclear-powered submarines for 60 years. It’s never had a single tragedy.

There’s no denying the 1986 Chernobyl disaster was horrific. It spewed deadly radiation across dozens of countries, killing thousands.

But did you know toxic coal kills tens of thousands of people each year?

Or that two years before Chernobyl, a natural gas explosion in India killed up to 20,000 people?

And a decade before that, a dam in central China collapsed, drowning 100,000 people.

Water: Too dangerous a power for mankind to play with? No. The problem was god-awful Chinese engineering.

Ditto for Chernobyl. It didn’t expose flaws in nuclear power. It was the result of a crappy Soviet design.

Nuclear is the cleanest… safest… and most reliable form of energy ever created. Despite these facts, the world has shunned atomic power for the past few decades.

This is, hands down, humanity’s biggest blunder.

We let cheap, abundant energy slip through our fingertips.

  • I was listening to a well-known Wall Street manager’s podcast the other day…

I hit pause when he said, "We'll never, ever build another (nuclear)-powered electricity plant in this country.”

He should check the news. Because this just happened in Georgia:

Source: AP News

California has been the most anti-nuclear US state. It’s closed all but one power plant. Yet Governor Newsom signed a law keeping California’s Diablo Canyon plant open until at least 2030.

Canada recently started work on what will be the world's largest nuclear plant. This is the first large-scale nuclear build in Canada in over three decades.

Japan is currently restarting two reactors that have been offline since 2011…

French energy giant EDF plans to boost nuclear output by 30% over the next two years…

And the UK just launched the “Great British Nuclear” initiative.

We’re witnessing an historic U-turn on nuclear energy from the wealthiest countries on Earth.

  • Here’s my #1 “slam dunk” profit opportunity for the next two to three years.

Dozens of nuclear power plants across the world shut down after the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

This caused demand for the “fuel” that powers nuclear plants, uranium, to fall off a cliff. As uranium demand sank, so did its price:

This plunged the entire uranium industry into a depression.

In 2011, there were almost 600 operating uranium companies. There are less than 50 today. Most uranium stocks went to zero. The “lucky” ones saw their stock prices plunge 90%.

But the decade-long bloodbath is over.

The uranium price jumped 3X since bottoming six years ago. It’s now at its highest levels since 2011:

This is great for uranium producers, like Cameco (CCJ).

Cameco is the “Exxon Mobil” of uranium. It’s the world’s second-largest uranium producer, behind Kazatomprom.

Cameco owns uranium deposits in Canada, the US, Australia, and Kazakhstan. And its mines are among the world’s purest.

Cameco is “leveraged” to uranium prices. That means when prices move an inch, Cameco can move a mile.

That’s what we saw during the last uranium boom. While the uranium price 9X’d… Cameco’s stock jumped 13X:

Cameco is outpacing the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (SRUUF) this year, too:

Cameco has more than tripled since I first recommended it back in 2018.

That was a great time to buy. So is right now. We’re in the early innings of a nuclear renaissance, and I’m looking for Cameco to at least double from here.

Stephen McBride
Chief Analyst, RiskHedge

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