Everybody does it, but no one talks about it

Everybody does it, but no one talks about it

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Happy Wednesday!

I’m sensing a lot of unjustified doom and gloom from investors.

Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham recently told Bloomberg, “No one should invest in the US.”

I have great respect for the guy, but c’mon… he’s been predicting Armageddon for a decade straight.

And look at all these exciting breakthroughs going on…

  1. AI will win the Nobel Prize.

Last week was Nobel Prize week. And of course, all the winners were super-smart humans.

I’m predicting humanity’s winning streak will soon end.

It’s only a matter of time before an artificial intelligence (AI) tool like ChatGPT makes a major medical breakthrough and wins the Nobel Prize for medicine. Give it three years, max.

Know what’s amazing? A mechanic can plug a cable into my car and instantly diagnose a problem. Yet a doctor will often put a human through a gauntlet of medical tests… and still not have the foggiest idea what’s wrong.

AI will help solve our medical riddles. It’s already made Nobel Prize-worthy breakthroughs.

In fact, AI recently gave a paralyzed woman named Ann her voice back.

AI “learned” her voice by listening to a single recording of her speaking at her wedding. Researchers built a system that synthesizes speech from Ann’s brain signals.

And she doesn’t sound like Stephen Hawking’s robot voice. Her voice sounds the same as it did before the injury!

Read that sentence again and tell me humans (plus AI) don’t rock!

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Facebook founder “Zuck” just announced he’s footing the bill for a biotech supercomputer “to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases.” A bad time to be a disease; a great time to be alive.

As usual, Nvidia (NVDA) is a clear-cut winner here. There will be tens of millions of “AIs”... and Nvidia’s chips will power the lot.

Another one of our Disruption Investor holdings is using AI to get medicines to patients faster.

Set your clocks: AI will win a Nobel Prize within three years.

  1. This represents everything that’s right with America.

Forget the pyramids or the Colosseum.

The Las Vegas Sphere is the first wonder of our (digital) world.

Standing 350 feet tall and 500 feet wide, the world’s largest sphere is made up of 1.2 million hockey puck-sized LED lights. It’s basically a giant, ball-shaped screen.

The other night, it transformed into a Halloween pumpkin:

Source: Redeye007 on Reddit

And oh yeah, there’s an 18,000-seater stadium inside the Sphere. Rock band U2 are rocking inside in the photo below.

I have no time for Bono, but wow… where can I buy tickets? Here’s the inside. Blew. My. Mind.

Source: CNN

This giant orb—plonked in the middle of the Nevada desert—symbolizes why our future will be better than you can possibly imagine.

I’m sure you’ve heard people complain America can’t build things anymore.

The Empire State Building was built in 400 days. Yet it’s been 15 years… and the high-speed rail line that’s supposed to connect San Francisco to LA can’t even get started.

Las Vegas’s Sphere is 10X more impressive than anything big tech built in the last decade.

It represents everything that’s “right” with America. A big, bold, ambitious project. It’s $2.3 billion well spent.

It’s a new era for America, friends. Elon Musk is building rockets to Mars. Florida has high-speed railways. New nuclear power plants? Check.

Next come the flying cars (more on that soon).

This new era will throw up lots of exciting opportunities.

Did you know you can own a piece of the Sphere?

Sphere Entertainment (SPHR) isn’t good enough to make it into the Disruption Investor portfolio, but it could be a fun trade.

It’s clearly going to make millions of dollars selling ads. You can get your product on the orb for a cool $450,000/day. That works out to $165 million/year.

Why not put 100 bucks into SPHR and see where it is in a year?

  1. Everybody does it, but no one talks about it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “wonder drug” Ozempic. It suppresses hunger… and helps folks lose weight in a hurry.

It’s flying off the shelves, and creator Novo Nordisk’s (NVO) stock is going vertical:

Ozempic has a good chance at being the most successful product in history. I wouldn’t be surprised if Novo Nordisk sells a trillion dollars’ worth of it.

Ozempic is like the new cocaine on Wall Street. Everybody does it, but no one talks about it.

Walmart (WMT), which sells hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of groceries, says Ozempic is causing lower food sales.

Wow! I guarantee no analyst accounted for that in their price targets.

But Walmart will be fine… because its pharmacies have seen a 300% spike in Ozempic sales.

I’m not a fan of quick-fix pills. I won’t be an Ozempic customer.

But when I put my investor glasses on, I see opportunity.

Glance up at that chart of Novo Nordisk. You see how much wealth can quickly be created by making a blockbuster drug?

These days, 14 of the top 20 best-selling drugs in the world are biologics—medicines made from living things.

Chris Wood and I recently added one of the world’s best biologics companies to the Disruption Investor portfolio. It has the potential to double within a year.

  1. Dose of optimism…

One reason I quit corporate finance was because I had to sit at a desk all day.

I’m like an energetic kid who sits upside down watching TV. I like to move, to feel alive.

That’s why I own a standing desk. I work standing up to bring the energy… and live longer.

Recent studies show sitting is the new smoking. People who sit for eight hours a day with no exercise have a similar risk of dying as those who puff on cancer sticks!

Stand up. It might just save your life.

Stephen McBride
Chief Analyst, RiskHedge

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