Introducing: disruptor cryptos

Introducing: disruptor cryptos

It’s been a rough few months for investors… and crypto has been no exception.

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest crypto, has been more than cut in half since its all-time high in November.

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest crypto, is down 57% in the same time frame.

And many other cryptos are down even more.

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But while it might not feel like it… this volatility is normal for crypto.

RiskHedge Chief Analyst and crypto expert Stephen McBride says the sell-off is presenting an incredible opportunity… just like all past crypto sell-offs have. It’s a second chance for folks who missed out on previous crypto bull runs.

Here’s what he told subscribers to his premium crypto advisory, RiskHedge Venture:

This sell-off hasn’t changed our conviction in crypto. I believe this will be the best-performing asset over the coming years. Crypto is attracting the world’s smartest, most ambitious entrepreneurs. These folks will build the most iconic businesses of the next 20 years and transform crypto into a multi-trillion-dollar asset.

I’ve invested a huge chunk of my net worth into crypto. And I haven’t sold a single token during this sell-off.

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Then, make sure to read my interview with Stephen below on what he calls “disruptor cryptos.”


Chris: Stephen, our longtime readers know you as the “disruption guy.”

You focus on world-class, disruptive businesses that will dominate for a long, long time.

Some folks may be familiar with your all-time great disruptor stock picks.

Like the Trade Desk (TTD), Okta (OKTA), Albemarle (ALB), ASML (ASML), and more… which have given readers a chance at triple-digit gains… 950%+ in the case of TTD.

In a nutshell, disruptor stocks change the world by creating, transforming, and flipping entire industries on their heads.

But today, you say there’s big opportunity in disruptor cryptos?

Stephen: Hi, Chris. Exactly, but let’s back up for a second.

You mentioned some phrases that get thrown around a lot when we talk about disruptors…

Transforming industries… Changing the world… Flipping entire industries on their heads…

Let’s get more specific. See, many of the best disruptors hand early investors massive gains because they do one thing very well.

Chris: And that is?…

Stephen: Simply put, top disruptors kill middlemen.

Think of true disruptors as a heat-seeking missile. They seek and destroy “middlemen” like travel agents… real estate agents… and stockbrokers.

Chris: Please explain…

Stephen: Think about booking vacations before the internet. What a pain. The only way to find out which airline flew where was to pick up the phone and call. It was a huge hassle.

Then online disruptors like Expedia (EXPE) and Priceline (BKNG) came along. With a few clicks, you could compare any flight or hotel in the world. Since 2000, more than half the travel agencies in America have shut their doors.

Meanwhile, Priceline made early investors a fortune. Since 2001, its stock has risen 13,000%+. Expedia saw peak gains of “just” 340% since 2005.

Or consider stockbrokers. They were once the world’s best-paid middlemen. Research from Columbia Business School shows brokers charged $49/trade on average back in 1975!

Today stockbrokers are dying off. For most folks, there’s no need to call up a broker when you can trade stocks for free on Interactive Brokers (IKBR), Schwab (SCHW), or pretty much every platform today. Schwab soared 851% from 2003 to the beginning of this year. Interactive Brokers climbed 455% from 2013‒2021.

Looking to buy a house in this scorching-hot market? Before the internet, we had to get the answers from a real estate agent. But just like booking vacations and buying stocks, you can now “do it yourself” online. Zillow (ZG)—which exploded for peak gains of 646% from 2015‒2021—makes it easy, and free, to research any house or neighborhood.

Chris: So “disruptor cryptos” also cut out middlemen? How?

Stephen: Most people are familiar with bitcoin. It was the first use of an incredible new technology called blockchain, which is like a database. It’s a tool for recording and verifying transactions and asset ownership.

That may sound boring. But it’s revolutionary. Blockchain automates trust between strangers.

Think about when you buy a stock. You don’t know the person you’re buying it from. Or when you buy something on the internet—you’re sending money to a stranger.

We’ve always relied on bankers and brokers to be the trusted middlemen to facilitate these transactions. Blockchain renders them obsolete.

Chris: Go on…

Stephen: I’ve written about decentralized finance (DeFi) before. It’s a new financial system being built on the blockchain.

In short, DeFi replaces bankers with software. This software is built and managed by a community of individuals on the blockchain, spread across the world.

And the rails of this new financial system aren’t controlled by middlemen but by a network of distributed computers. Best of all, software developers and crypto holders earn the fees that bankers used to earn.

Chris: Do you have a concrete example of a middleman-killing crypto?

Stephen: Some of our readers may have heard of Uniswap (UNI).

Think of Uniswap like the new Nasdaq. It’s a $4 billion stock market for cryptos built on the blockchain. You can go to and buy thousands of cryptos like bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unlike the stock market, Uniswap isn’t run by brokers. Every Uniswap trade is processed by code. This code links buyers and sellers directly and completely cuts out middlemen.

Uniswap has raked in over $2.2 billion in revenue since launching three years ago. Its UNI token handed early investors peak gains of 517%.

Aave (AAVE) is another disruptor crypto that’s threatening to put middlemen out of business. In short, it's disrupting banks’ most profitable business: borrowing and lending.

Users can lend, borrow, and earn interest on their crypto assets. Aave offers lenders interest rates they won’t find at any bank. And it’s all run on Aave’s smart code. No bankers.

Chris: Sounds like traditional finance is in trouble…

Stephen: It’s not just finance. Disruptor cryptos are cutting out middlemen everywhere.

Have you heard of Audius?

It’s a music streaming app like Spotify. A place where artists upload their new songs for listeners to listen to.

But there’s one huge difference. In Audius, no record labels take a cut.

Imagine if, each time you stream a song, royalties went straight into the artist’s wallet?

You don’t have to imagine. That’s what Audius does with the blockchain. And its business has been on a tear lately.

Audius’s monthly active users have doubled from three to six million in the past six months.

Chris: These sound like legitimate businesses…

Stephen: Chris, the world’s most innovative, fastest-growing businesses are being built on the blockchain as we speak. This is the ultimate opportunity in crypto.

I’m focused on disruptor cryptos finding new ways to cut out middlemen. Real businesses, making real money… and disrupting entire industries in the process.

And the right disruptor cryptos do something else bitcoin and thousands of other coins don’t do…

Chris: What’s that?

Stephen: Because they’re real businesses producing real value—you can use them to earn yield, similar to a dividend stock.

We take advantage of this in RiskHedge Venture. In fact, my latest disruptor crypto rec is a way to earn up to 25% yield.

This Thursday, at 1 pm EDT, I’ll walk viewers through my “crypto cashflow” strategies so anyone can start applying them right away.

It will be my first-ever LIVE Townhall event. A masterclass for folks looking to earn some extra income in this rough market environment.

Chris: Thanks, Stephen. I’ll be tuning in.

And readers can join me by registering at this link.

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for part two of our discussion where we’ll share more crypto cashflow strategies.

Chris Reilly
Executive Editor, RiskHedge

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