The 2022 Crisis Report

From the Man Who Invested in Amazon, Google, and Nvidia Before Their Historic Rise...

The 2022 Crisis Report

In 2008, a shocking “imbalance” in the markets led some companies to climb for 22X, 100X, and even 225X gains.

Now Chris Wood says today’s “imbalance” has created a chance for savvy investors to collect decades’ worth of gains over the next few years.

Dear Reader,

Today, I’ll show you details on 10 companies set to usher in a new chapter in the markets.

According to my research, these companies could deliver 3-5X returns in the next few years... with very little risk.

Plus, I’ll reveal the names of 3 big-name stocks I recommend you “blacklist” from your portfolio today.

The timing of this message is critical.

We’re living through one of the most challenging market environments in our lifetime.

Inflation is the highest it’s been since the Carter era...

Inflation hits 9.1%... highest rate in more than 40 years

The stock market is off to its worst yearly start since the Great Depression...

Stock market set for worst half-year performance since 1932]

And some predict we’ll see a recession worse than the Great Financial Crisis.

We're already in a recession... [It's] going to be worse than the Great Recession following the 2008 Great Financial Crisis. - Peter Schiff

This toxic mix has many investors wondering...

Is it time to hunker down and wait out the pain, or jump now onto the next big opportunity?

In just a moment, I’ll show you how a growing “imbalance” in the market has created the greatest buying opportunity since 2009.

I’ll lay out evidence of 10 key stocks set to leverage this “imbalance” to return decades’ worth of gains over the next few years.

And I’ll also share why missing out on this opportunity could be the greatest financial mistake of your life.

Because in 2008, while portfolios plunged 50+%, many were paralyzed with fear.

But if you would’ve made a few calculated investments...

It could’ve changed your financial future forever.

I’m talking about investing in tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Nvidia.

Since the Financial Crisis, Google has gone up as much as 2,250%...


Amazon has ripped for over 10,000% gains...


And chipmaker Nvidia has climbed as much as 22,451%.


That’s a 225X return. Enough to turn a modest $1,000 investment into almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Making the right investment when most are panicking could help change the course of your financial future.

Just like it did for me when I invested in these Big Tech giants before their historic rise.

Back when Google was trading for $17...

Amazon was trading for $9...

And Nvidia was trading for just $3.

I didn’t keep these picks to myself, though.

I recommended them a decade ago to thousands of paying subscribers to my old newsletter.

But while I’ve been at this a long time, I’ve never put out a message like this before.

I won’t be asking you to subscribe to a newsletter.

Instead... I’m simply asking you to pay close attention.

Because time is of the essence.

In the coming weeks, a series of earnings announcements could shift the balance of the markets.

That’s why I’m asking that you take a moment and review the evidence I’ve compiled here today...

And make an educated decision for yourself.

Because in just a moment, I’ll share details on the 10 companies I’m convinced could deliver 3–5x returns in the next 5 years...

Over time, these companies could hand you even greater returns than that...

And I’ll also share the names of the 3 widely owned companies I’m recommending you “blacklist” from your portfolio today.

These are companies I believe have already peaked and will never return to yesterday’s highs.

They could go down as the next Kodak, Polaroid, or Blockbuster Video.

So, if you hold these in your portfolio or even in an index fund, you need to pay close attention.

The Last Time This Happened, Savvy Investors Could Have DOUBLED Their Money (or More)...
with Very Little Risk

This has been one of the worst years in stock market history.

And even trillion-dollar Big Tech companies haven’t been spared.

CNBC reported, “Tech giants lost more than $1 trillion in value.”

That was over the course of just 3 days.

Tech giants lost more than $1 trillion in value in last 3 trading days - CNBC

The New York Times reported, “Big Tech is getting clobbered on Wall Street.”

Big Tech is getting clobbered on Wall Street - New York Times

And The Wall Street Journal says, “Facebook, Netflix, and PayPal are value stocks now.”

Facebook, Netflix, and PayPal are value stocks now. ->Wall Street Journal

It’s been an absolute bloodbath.

And according to The Wall Street Journal...

It’s led to a growing “imbalance” rippling through trillions of dollars of investments.

Less than a year ago, these Big Tech companies were bedrocks of every major index fund.

Now they’re trading for less than “boring” stocks like Campbell Soup and J.M. Smucker.

Tesla has dropped up to 46% from its highs.

Facebook’s stock has been sliced in half.

And Netflix plummeted an incredible 74%.

We haven’t seen a crash this dramatic since 2008.

Back then, the Nasdaq dropped by as much as 78%.


It was a devastating shock to Americans’ wealth.

People’s retirement accounts were decimated.

And many folks panicked and pulled everything out of the markets.

But those who had the foresight to stick it out could have made a killing.

That’s because many of those beloved tech stocks went on to soar in the days that followed.

And those relatively safe bets multiplied investors’ money if you had the guts to stay in.

Like Google, which climbed for 22X peak gains since then...


Or Apple, which shot up for 64X gains...


Or Amazon, which delivered over 100X gains over the years.


Today, the bear market has handed us another golden opportunity.

An opportunity just like the one I helped my readers cash in on a decade ago.

And some of the world’s smartest investors are already putting their own money into play...

Preparing for the market to rebound like it did in 2009.

Even Warren Buffett Is Signaling...
NOW Is the Time to Buy

If you’re feeling the pain in the markets right now, you’re in good company.

But there’s one thing you must consider in times like these.

Crisis creates opportunity.

I’m sure you’ve heard Warren Buffett’s famous quote.

“Be fearful when others are greedy. And be greedy when others are fearful.”

He followed that playbook in 2008 and got paid handsomely for it.

Most people back then were in peak fear mode.

In some cases, their life savings were cut in half.

And many wondered if they’d ever be able to retire after losing so much of their net worth.

But Buffett saw the opportunity at hand.

He poured billions into beaten-down stocks like Goldman Sachs.

The result?

Over the next few years, Buffett saw a massive $3.7 billion profit on that bet.

Buffett Generates $3.7 Billion on 2008 Goldman Sachs Investment - Bloomberg

All for going against the grain. Being greedy when others were fearful.

Same with hedge fund manager John Paulson.

Most know him for his famous bet against the housing market in 2008.

Being on the right side of the housing market crash handed him billions.

But most weren’t paying attention to what came next.

After profiting from the crash... he rode the markets back up during the recovery as well.

At the time, several big banks had been beaten and battered.

I’m talking about major banks like Bank of America... JPMorgan Chase... Citigroup.

But Paulson saw an opportunity setting up, and he took a huge position.

Over the next few years, his hedge fund made BILLIONS in gains.

Most of Paulson’s $4 billion net worth came from the moves he made bucking the trend.

He zigged while others zagged.

Now we’re seeing smart investors planning their next big move.

Today, Buffett Is Following the Same Plan That Handed Him Billions
in 2008

Earlier this year, Buffett quietly leaked a surprising stat in one of his company’s filings.

Most didn’t realize it at the time.

But Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, was sitting on an enormous pile of cash.

A whopping $144 billion.

The reason?

Buffett said, “[It’s] a consequence of my failure to find entire companies or small portions thereof which meet our criteria for long-term holding.”

In other words, he had been building up a mountain of dry powder. Waiting for the perfect opportunity.

And the current market “imbalance” has delivered it on a silver platter.

Today, Buffett’s buying up profitable, time-tested businesses for pennies on the dollar.

Forbes reported Buffett’s gone on a “$51 Billion Stock Shopping Spree.”

Warren Buffett's $51 Billion Stock Market Shopping Spree: Here's What He's Buying - Forbes

Think about that.

This is one of the greatest investors of all time.

He couldn’t find anything he liked as stocks ripped higher last year.

But now, as the media is screaming for a recession and the markets are in turmoil...

The Oracle of Omaha has discovered eight different buying opportunities. EIGHT.

And he’s pouring in tens of billions of dollars.

That’s because we haven’t seen an opportunity this big since the markets plunged in 2008.

Some of the most dominant companies in the world are now trading at their lowest valuations in years...

Making them an absolute shoo-in to lead a recovery stronger than ever... just like companies like Amazon did in 2008.

For those bold enough to grasp the situation at hand...

This is a rare opportunity that only comes around once every couple of decades.

It’s a chance to buy Ferrari assets at Honda Civic prices.

And smart investors are signaling it’s finally here again.

I’ll tell you all about the 10 top plays I’m expecting to skyrocket in the next few years.

But first, let me briefly introduce myself.

If You Missed Out on Google, Amazon, and Nvidia During the Last Crash... This Could Be Your Big Chance

I’m Chris Wood, Chief Investment Officer here at RiskHedge.

The last time we saw a market “imbalance” like this was 15 years ago.

Back when I was just getting my start in the industry.

It was a sort of baptism by fire. And it gave me a unique view of finding opportunity during a crisis.

I saw companies that went on to build the technology shaping our future... trading at fire-sale prices.

During the recovery in the years that followed, I recommended my readers buy up shares of Google.

Over the next few years, shares took off.

And since then, it’s gone on to deliver over 540% gains.


It’s the same story with Amazon.

I spotted them before they had warehouses around the nation.

And way before nearly HALF of all American households became Amazon Prime members.

Investors who held on since my recommendation would have grabbed over 10X gains.


And it happened again with Nvidia, the giant chipmaker.

Nobody knew who they were back when I first alerted my readers to the opportunity.

But since then, the stock has shot up an incredible 51X.


That’s enough to turn a small $5,000 bet into over $250,000.

Those are the kind of life-changing gains that are possible when you buy up dominant, world-class companies for pocket change during a crisis.

After I recommended these plays to my readers, I started to shy away from high-flying Big Tech stocks.

I shut down my newsletter and focused on smaller, more explosive opportunities.

Not because I don’t believe in the potential of these companies...

But rather because the cat was out of the bag.

Their stocks got too expensive, and the opportunity dried up.

The biggest gains had already been won.

But Now, for the First Time in Decades...
the Doors Have FINALLY Opened Again.

Valuations for these world-class disruptors are now the cheapest they’ve been in YEARS.

But I don’t expect them to stay that way for long.

Once the markets turn around, I expect these pillars of the market to take off again.

And I’m not alone.

The Wall Street Journal says after years of being snubbed by value investors, these stocks “look like bargains.”

Now... [Big Tech stocks] look like bargains - The Wall Street Journal

JPMorgan is calling them “outright cheap” today.

[these companies are] closer to outright cheap territory - JPMorgan

And The New York Times predicts they’ll “emerge from a downturn stronger and more powerful... as usual.”

They're positioned to emerge from a downturn stronger and more powerful. As usual - The New York Times

For the first time in decades, you can take advantage of this massive “imbalance.”

An imbalance that could hand you shares of the most dominant companies in the world for next to nothing.

But if you wait too long, you’ll miss the lion’s share of the gains.

Just like those who waited until AFTER the recovery to invest in Google... Amazon... and Nvidia.

I’ve identified 10 companies I expect to lead the charge in the days ahead.

But it’s important to note...

You shouldn’t just invest in ANY large-cap tech stock.

Like Polaroid and Blackberry, some have already seen their best days.

And they’re set to stagnate or crash even lower as they let their grip on the markets slip away.

I’ll tell you exactly who to avoid in a moment.

Plus, I’ll reveal details on the 10 stocks that could give you a second chance at life-changing gains with the right moves today.

But first, you may be wondering how I pick apart the winners from the losers during these moments...

Borrow My 3-Step System to Pinpoint
the Biggest Winners During
Today’s Crisis

Over my 15+ years in the markets, I’ve discovered a few key criteria that separate the true gems from the rest.

One of the biggest predictors I look at is a company’s free cash flow.

Chris’s 3-Step System:

  1. Free Cash Flow



Free cash flow is the amount of cash the company collects AFTER it pays its bills and invests in its business.

That’s what really matters to investors.

Because in hard times, you want to invest in companies that can survive the down times...

And that aren’t relying on investors subsidizing their bad decisions like we’ve seen with some high-flying tech stocks.

Companies that have a steady stream of cold, hard cash can handle the downturns.

Take a look at Amazon, for example.

While some tech darlings like Tesla are laying off up to 10% of their workforce...

Over the last 2 years, Amazon has built more warehouses than all of Walmart.

And it STILL has cash to spare.

On a price-to-free-cash-flow basis, Amazon’s stock is the cheapest it’s been in years.

If you invest in Amazon today and hold for the long run, I’m sure you’d do well for yourself.

But Amazon isn’t even one of my top 10 favorites.

That’s why I’m NOT recommending you buy Amazon today.

There are several companies I’ve discovered that are even CHEAPER buys today.

And since the last time they were this cheap, each of these stocks climbed for incredible gains.

Gains of 120%... 250%... and even 1,140%.

Putting your money into these dominant, world-class stocks is the safest and smartest investment move you can make right now.

But it’s important to note...

You should never just buy these stocks because they’re cheap.

Some companies have had their valuations slashed over the last year... And for good reason.

Which is why my next criteria is to hunt down stocks primed for explosive growth.

Chris’s 3-Step System:

  1. Free Cash Flow

  2. Explosive Growth


Using a proprietary tool I designed to find once-in-a-generation bargains...

I’m able to identify the companies set to continue on a steep growth curve for years to come.

I call it my North Star Number.

Because with this powerful indicator, we can ignore all the noise and focus on one simple metric.

The North Star Number takes the company’s stock price, free cash flow, and projected cash flow growth...

And it boils it down to one easy-to-use score.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to understand the math behind it.

All you need to know is that it helps us pick the companies that have shown a history of growth.

And they see no signs of slowing down.

Looking back at Amazon again, the reason it’s so valuable today is simple.

It started as an online bookstore.

But now it’s everyone’s one-stop shop for everything from clothes to electronics to furniture.

That’s the kind of growth we’re looking for.

Finally, I only look for companies that have an undeniable “dominance factor.”

Chris’s 3-Step System:

  1. Free Cash Flow

  2. Explosive Growth

  3. Dominance Factor

In other words, they need a competitive advantage that gives them a serious leg up over the competition.

Picture Amazon like a medieval castle.

And their economic moat keeps all the other competitors from invading their share of the market.

Their Amazon Prime membership is just one part of their “dominance factor.”

They’ve got millions of Prime members who’ve been using Amazon for years.

With a few clicks of a button, you can have your order dropped off at your doorstep within 24 hours.

And you won’t pay shipping and handling either.

That moat keeps their competitors from threatening their position as the leader of the industry.

That’s why nobody stands a chance of building another Amazon.

Nobody’s coming to topple them off their throne.

But again, I’m not recommending you go out and buy shares of Amazon today.

Because like I mentioned earlier, there are 10 plays I think will perform even BETTER over the next few years.

In fact, I expect one of these household names could shoot up at least 300% during that time.

Nothing in the markets is ever guaranteed.

But as I’ll show you, these disruptors are as close as it gets to a “sure thing” in investing.

They’re in a perfect position to exploit the growing “imbalance” we’re seeing.

But before we get to that...

I mentioned earlier that there are 3 stocks I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole right now.

Do NOT Touch These 3 “Blacklisted” Stocks

For some stocks, today’s volatile markets are offering the opportunity of a lifetime.

At the same time, we’re also “thinning the herd” from the excesses of the last decade.

And in the coming days, you’re set to see the end of some well-known dynasties.

Just like you saw with Polaroid, Blockbuster Video, and RadioShack.

These companies have already reached their peak.

Their best days are behind them.

So I’d urge you to pay close attention to these names—in case you hold them in your investment or retirement accounts.

The first one you should beware of is Netflix.

At the end of last year, analysts were predicting they’d add up to 20 million new subscribers.

But now, after more than a decade of steady growth, those days are over.

During the first half of 2022, not only have they not added new subscribers...

They’ve actually lost a million customers.

Netflix Loses Nearly 1 Million Subscribers - New York Times

With inflation on the rise, monthly subscriptions are on the chopping block.

And if your growth strategy is “stop people from sharing their Netflix password,” you know you’re in trouble.

That’s why I’m NOT recommending you buy Netflix even at the low prices we’ve seen.

In fact, I’d encourage you to stay away from it as far as you can.

Same goes for number 2, Facebook.

Or should I say Meta?

Facebook spent more than $10 BILLION last year on their big bet on the Metaverse.

I don’t know whether or not we’ll all be hanging out in Zuckerberg’s virtual world soon.

But one thing is certain.

Facebook is burning a MOUNTAIN of cash trying to build it.

Zuckerberg said as much to investors earlier this year.

He said that to make the Metaverse a reality... Facebook will lose “significant” sums of money for up to 5 years.

Mark Zuckerberg says Meta's metaverse project will lose 'significant' sums of money for up to 5 years - Yahoo Finance

So, if you’re waiting to get rich off Facebook’s stock, you’ll probably be waiting a while.

Add that to the string of controversies following the social media giant, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

I wouldn’t bet my hard-earned money on Facebook over the next few years.

And I wouldn’t recommend you do it either.

Finally, the third company to “blacklist” in your portfolio...

Dell Technologies.

Dell has become a household name for personal computers over the years.

But this year’s downturn has the company reeling.

And I’m not betting on them making another comeback anytime soon.

The stock may be cheap today. But that’s for good reason...

In short, there’s no moat keeping out the competition.

No raving fan base. No superior technology. No major advantages.

Which is one reason why big banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays are all downgrading the stock this year.

Dell stock downgraded as Goldman Sachs joins the chorus with PC market concerns - MarketWatch

Don’t be tempted to scoop up cheap shares of Dell today.

This looks like a very risky play going forward.

But according to my North Star Number...

There are 10 must-own stocks that could hand you 3–5X gains over the next few years.

All with very little risk.

I’d like to share all the details with you in my new profit prospectus today.

The 2022 Crisis Report

The 2022 Crisis Report

There’s a simple way to take advantage of the situation in the markets today.

It gives you the best shot since 2008 to snatch up shares of the most dominant businesses of today at a screaming bargain.

With a few right moves, you could set yourself up to grab decades’ worth of gains in the next few years.

But you must act soon. Before this window of opportunity slams shut for another 15 years.

It starts with investing in these 10 companies.

Some are household names.

Others are silent monopolies. Companies dominating their industries behind the scenes.

All are companies on solid footing. Set to grow their foothold in the markets. Selling at a major discount today.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The Hidden Company Behind Apple’s iGlass Revolution—This company’s technology is tucked into most of the 2.2 BILLION iPhones around the world.

  • The 3D Marvel Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds—This little-known tech leader holds the gold standard in 3D technology... used by millions of professionals to build everything from buildings to airplanes to the latest video games.

  • The Machine Learning Mega-Play—This tech giant is using over 5.6 BILLION data points every day to develop the most powerful data source on the planet.

  • The 21st Century Printing Press—This Dutch company holds the $150 million machine that companies like Samsung, Intel, and Micron rely on to build their technology.

  • The Invisible Pillar of the Internet—Over 99% of all internet traffic touches this company’s products. Without it, modern life would grind to a halt.

  • The Next-Generation Smartphone Play—After spending over 20 years on its new VR/AR technology, this revolutionary leader could soon replace 1.8 billion iPhones with this next-generation tech.

  • The Greatest Tech Reinventor of All Time—This company has managed to dominate the tech space for over 40 years by continuously reinventing itself to stay ahead of the times.

  • The Silent Guardians of the Technological Future—With the rise of technology, security breaches have become a major threat. This California company is quietly driving billions of dollars at the cutting edge of cybersecurity.

  • The Big Tech Accelerator Play—They’ve established close relationships with some of the biggest names in tech. And today, their proprietary technology is helping Big Tech roll out new innovations faster than ever before.

  • The $13 Trillion “Tollbooth” Play—This dominant company helped drive $13 trillion through the economy in 2021 alone, taking a small cut of every dollar.

I’ve included the details on all 10 companies inside my new profit prospectus, The 2022 Crisis Report.

It’s the only place you’ll find my research on the world-class players set for the next historic rise.

Again, that’s 10 tickers. All strong businesses, poised to dominate the markets as the recovery begins.

Buying these stocks could give you the same kind of upside as buying Amazon in 2008.

I’d like to send you my research on all 10 of these plays today.

Inside, you’ll get a rundown of each business...

My outlook on where they’re headed in the next few years...

And why they’re a perfect way to exploit today’s market “imbalance.”

I’ll give you simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to buy them if you choose.

We have no idea how long this buying window will last.

That’s why I’m recommending you allocate at least a portion of your portfolio to these industry titans as soon as you can.

With all this research in hand, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Here’s What to
Do Next...

If you missed out on the huge gains following the 2008 collapse...

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We haven’t seen an “imbalance” in the markets like this in nearly a generation.

And there’s no telling if you’ll see another opportunity like this in your lifetime.

Smart investors like Warren Buffett are already jumping in with both feet.

And stocks could start to surge higher at any moment.

Which is why it’s critical that you act now, before the markets start their inevitable race higher.

Even if the markets continue to sink lower over the next 6 months...

You could still be sitting on triple-digit gains a couple of years from today.

And it all begins with the 10 opportunities I detail in The 2022 Crisis Report.

Now, subscribers to my newsletters pay up to $5,000 to get access to my research.

But because of the unprecedented nature of this opportunity...

I want to get this research into the hands of as many readers as possible.

That’s why we’ve set the retail price to $499.

The 2022 Crisis Report

And with the potential I see from these 10 plays over the next year, that would be a fair price to pay for The 2022 Crisis Report.

But today I’m only asking you to pay a small fraction of that.

As a valued reader of RiskHedge and Mauldin Economics, I’ve worked out a special deal with my publisher.

Now, you can get instant access to The 2022 Crisis Report for just $199.

That’s a 60% savings—my way of saying thank you for following our work over the years.

However, to be clear, this isn’t another monthly newsletter.

You won’t be bogged down with weekly updates, monthly calls, and quarterly reviews.

There’s no instant alerts to keep you glued to your email.

When you receive your copy of The 2022 Crisis Report...

You’ll have all you need to position yourself for some of the biggest gains in the markets over the next few years.

In fact, I’m confident you could secure decades’ worth of gains in just the next 2–3 years.

Review the research for yourself.

If you agree with my findings, allocate a portion of your portfolio to the picks you like.

Set it and forget it. I’ve made it as simple as I possibly could.

Now, because I want to make sure only serious readers take me up on this offer... I can’t offer any refunds.

It’d be too easy for a few bad apples to buy the report, use the recommendations inside, and return it.

And that wouldn’t be fair to honest folks like you.

But rest assured, I’m confident you’ll be blown away by the depth and quality of the research.

You can review my full report and get all the details on the 10 plays in The 2022 Crisis Report in just minutes...

I urge you to claim it now.

We haven’t seen Big Tech stocks selling at a discount like this in years.

And it could be decades before we see another opportunity like this again.

But it’s critical that you invest in the right companies.

Remember, since the last major “imbalance,” many of these stocks have delivered 120%... 250%... even 1,140% gains.

That’s why I’m urging you to take advantage of this situation today.

You can start by reviewing the details of my top 10 favorite picks just minutes from now.

Thanks for reading.

To claim your copy today, simply check the box and fill out the order fields below.

Chris Wood Chris Wood
Editor, RiskHedge

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