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Stephen McBride

Editor | Hard Assets Alliance

Originally hailing from Ireland, Stephen is a laissez-faire economist and editor at Hard Assets Alliance.

While working in corporate finance in New Zealand, Stephen realized that office life wasn't for him and began to build an alternative lifestyle. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, South Africa, and Australia, and currently resides in Argentina.

He is a contrarian thinker and enjoys analyzing geopolitical and macroeconomic events, and writing about how to profit from them. He has an optimistic, measured outlook, believing that while there are certain risks all of us are facing, the key is to identify those risks and advise people on appropriate steps to protect against them.

Stephen received a BS in Economics and Finance from the National College of Ireland in 2015.

Is the US on the Verge of a Cyber Pearl Harbor?
Although tensions existed between the US and Japan, nobody expected that just one day after FDR penned a letter to Emperor Hirohito appealing for amity between the two nations, His Majesty’s forces would leave a US naval base in smoking ruins. Similarly, cyber attacks can be conducted from the comfort of a control room and could literally materialize overnight without any advance warning.