Geopolitics helps us understand world events as a product of strategic alliances and raw grievances, of geographical luck or misfortune. Explore below to learn why global actors behave the way they do, and get the tools concerned citizens and investors need in order to make informed decisions in today’s world.

Nobody is going to bail out Venezuela
Venezuela is in urgent need of financial assistance. With imposed sanctions from the US, Canada, and the EU, it is unlikely that a bailout is coming from anywhere.
Oil at Two-Year Highs as Saudi Arabia Engages in Its Own “Game of Thrones”
The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, 32, was little known outside the region before this past weekend when he jailed members of the royal family, presumably in an attempt to consolidate power ahead of taking the throne. These mass detentions signal a seismic change in Saudi leadership—which, in turn, is putting upward pressure on global oil prices.
Saudi Arabia, at War With Itself
The Saudi royal family now appears to be at war with itself. Regardless of who wins, the conflict could destabilize Saudi Arabia, which was already weakening anyway.
In US-Russia Relations, a Little Subtlety Goes a Long Way
Russia’s Federation Council announced that Moscow’s recent attempts to host a meeting between North Korea and South Korea failed because Pyongyang was reluctant to cooperate. A Russian official described talks with the North as long and difficult. It appears that Russia’s stance on North Korea may be shifting, and this may be part of its strategy on Ukraine.