Trump's National Security Advisor Choice Is a "Step In The Right Direction"

Trump's National Security Advisor Choice Is a "Step In The Right Direction"

By Jonathan Roth

Scott Taylor, the editor and publisher of military magazine Esprit de Corps, believes President Donald Trump has made a good decision picking Lt. General H.R. McMaster to replace Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor.

Taylor, a war correspondent who has covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, Libya, and the Western Sahara, says McMaster brings a broad depth of knowledge to the job.

“His appointment would certainly add a lot of clout [to the position of National Security Advisor]. He does study [the conflict within Islam],” says Taylor. “I mean, he’s been involved since the first Gulf War and takes it upon himself to learn the culture and to understand the various dynamics at play, which I don’t think President Trump does. [Trump] oversimplifies a lot of this stuff, and to know you’re going to have a National Security Advisor that is well-versed in the complexity of those conflicts, I think, is actually a step in the right direction.”

Taylor met McMaster after being kidnapped and held by Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in northern Iraq while reporting on the US invasion in 2004. Held for 5 days, Taylor was brutally tortured before being released—at the time, one of the only Western hostages to have ever been released by Al-Qaeda.

McMaster asked Taylor to address American troops under his command following Taylor’s release, and the two have been in regular contact since.

Listen to the full interview with Scott Taylor above.

Scott Taylor’s Return to Iraq to Meet With General H.R. McMaster