VIDEO: Former Presidential Advisor: Trump White House Not Ready for Geopolitical Crises

By Jonathan Roth

In an exclusive interview with RiskHedge, former US presidential advisor Harald Malmgren says the Trump White House isn’t ready to deal with a serious geopolitical crisis. The reason? President Trump still hasn’t assembled the team necessary to properly react to fast-moving crises. “When you have to address a fire and the fire department isn’t fully staffed,” declares Malmgren, “it’s not easy—it’s not going to go well.”

Earlier this week, the White House announced Maryland attorney John J. Sullivan is to be nominated for deputy Secretary of State. If confirmed, Sullivan would be stepping into his role a full three months into the Trump administration’s term. Plus, the turmoil surrounding the national security team—namely the firing of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn—hasn’t helped speed up recruitment and hiring.

Given the ongoing tensions with Russia over US missile strikes in Syria and the potential for a nuclear standoff in the Korean Peninsula, Malmgren’s perspective is all the more urgent. Watch the full interview above.