Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity: The 3 Top Global Risks Today

In this exclusive interview for RiskHedge, Chris Martenson of discusses the three biggest risks facing the world today. They range from geopolitical issues, such as the US aggression toward Russia and government manipulation of the financial system to a little known environmental danger that has the potential to disrupt the food chain in ways that could be catastrophic and irreversible.

Martenson, an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, notes that his number one worry is that the increasing geopolitical tension across the world “will lead to some sort of accident.” He explains that war comes in many worrisome forms, including cyber warfare, trade wars, and financial wars, citing Russia’s potential to use their oil export industry as leverage against the United States or other countries.

Watch Chris Martenson’s full interview with Ed D’Agostino of RiskHedge above, and find out how you can be aware of these risks and potentially help to minimize their impact on the world.