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Samuel Rines

Chief Economist | Avalon Advisors, LLC

Samuel E. Rines is Senior Economist and Portfolio Strategist at Avalon Advisors. Prior to joining Avalon, Samuel was an Economist and Analyst at Chilton Capital Management. 

His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The National Interest, on CNBC and has been covered by Bloomberg and Reuters along with other media outlets. 

He was a Student Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research where he received the Roy Anderson Faulke Award. While working on his degree, Samuel spent two trimesters at Oxford University studying Development Economics. During his time at Oxford, he joined the Regent’s Park College Crew Team. Samuel is a member of The Houston Economics Club and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Making America Neutral Again
With the neutral rate of inflation falling to 0%, the Fed indicated tighter monetary policy is needed… but with the Trump tax cuts nearing, a potential conflict of interest has arisen.
Death of a Dot Plot
Not all “Fed speak” matters. Much of the time, Fed officials are stating the obvious or reiterating a previous statement or position taken by the Fed.
The Rise of Free-ish Trade
The Western economic malaise of the past decade has given way to a sudden rise of populism. Free trade, once touted as the fix for increased global competitiveness and economic stability, is now the national enemy.